In 2024 we plan to launch EvoShred.

This new functionality will allow a ‘Super User Administrator’ to define by each forms category in the forms library the firm's preferred Data Retention Timeline.

Flexible Timelines

You can set your own bespoke timelines to suit your firm's policy. For example Conveyancing might by default store data for 5 years, Intellectual Property Rights for 15 years and Tax forms for 7 years.

De-coupled Data

We store data not forms, a form with data on it is only an output. What is actually stored is de-coupled data. De-coupled data is a diss- associated Question and Answer, hence we only store the data, we do not store the Answer alongside the Question. That data will be obfuscated, at the data retention date or soon after.

Monthly Reports

90 days before we auto delete the Super User Administrator will be notified in a monthly report which could be distributed to staff to ensure they are aware what is being deleted and can amend if necessary.

Zero trace after 100 days

Full Audit Trail of Deletions

Documents: Any other stored documents that maybe uploaded by clients or supporting documents to forms will also be deleted as per the Data retention Policy that the firm applies.

Audit Trail: An Audit trail of the deletions will always be retained as a Ghost record showing the Matter Reference Number, relevant Fee Earner and the date of create, last modified and deletion.

Zero Trace: 100 days after the Data is deleted the backups will be over written and there is then zero trace of the original Data or Supporting documents.

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