Where can you use FormEvo?
Any device, any where, any time.

Our Zero IT Footprint means FormEvo is very easy to access wherever you are. It's quick to set up and whatever your device you can use it.

No software to install

FormEvo is truly cloud based reducing the IT burden on your practice and means your users have access to the latest software developments and changes to forms as soon as they happen.

Easy Collaboration

The traditional on-premise forms applications user experience could be described as a monologue. FormEvo, however, uses the concept of a dialogue in interacting with clients, colleagues and even government agencies in the form completion journey. Taking an asynchronous approach to communication with clients allows them to respond and complete forms in their own time rather than coming to your office, creating less friction in your processes.

Secure Login

Simple but secure processes lie at the heart of our approach. All individual users have their own dual login credentials which allows the firm to capture audit trails of any form and who was involved in the completion process. For larger firms we offer the option of Single Sign On. When sharing forms outside the firm additional 2-factor authentication is employed.

Cloud-based Forms Library

Creating a paper-light process

Creating a paper-light process is easy to do with FormEvo. Create and share forms with whoever you so wish internally and with clients or other third parties.

Automated version control allows you to capture and save relevant documents and with eSign available there really is no need to print anything.

Case Management integration creates automated processes to save forms to the appropriate matter file.

Remote working made easy

Collaborate with your Staff, Clients, the Other Side and when needed even our Support Team

Covid really brought the demands for easy remote working to the forefront of our application development.

Easy login wherever you are with the ability to collaborate with colleagues takes the stress out wherever we can. Should the unexpected happen and colleagues aren’t available, form completion can be easily passed to other colleagues.

If you have an issue you have access to people not an automated portal and we can work quickly with you on screen to resolve your problem.

Instantaneous form updates/developments

Reduced demand on your IT department

Unlike traditional form applications the days of having to download form updates and software upgrades are a thing of the past; login and you have the latest software and forms on your desktop.

If you want to be kept informed of the latest changes you can specify at a user level the type of update documentation you wish to receive.

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