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Legal Forms are what we do. We maintain relationships across the government agency sector to ensure we know of new developments and then look to use this knowledge to keep you up to date both with changing content in forms and new form functionality initiatives.

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Helping people for over 22 years


The Team have all worked with various forms applications over many years as well as extensive experience with case management applications and the legal sector itself. Every week we get together to review client feedback and the latest legal and technology developments to create new initiatives and keep our clients ahead of their competitors.


Our case management partners trust us to deliver electronic and digital forms so they can focus on their own areas of specialisms. We don’t compete, we work together, efficiently to the benefit of our joint clients.


We pride ourselves on being open with all in terms of what we can and can’t deliver and the balance of managing risk with the commercial realities. Pricing is simple, it’s by active users each month and for digital forms where we feel you can pass the cost onto the client it’s pay as you go.

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Full customer service ethos

Experience & Credibility

Our Support Team are the most experienced in the legal forms market period. Headed by Gary Hamilton with over 25 years’ experience in forms applications.

Most people don’t want support from a portal full of Q & A’s so we stick to giving you direct access to people who are there when you need them. Our team can access any form you have an issue with by sharing a screen with you and dealing with your issue with the minimum amount of fuss.

You won’t find your account manager or support contact changes very often which means we get to know you and what you expect and our relationships are at the heart of what we do!

Cost & efficiency

That's what we're about.

We use technology to manage our cost base, and this is reflected in the prices we charge our clients.

We are based in the outskirts of Newcastle Upon Tyne so we don’t have the costs of expensive buildings. Some of the team work remotely and with a much lower cost base than our competitors you get better value for money.

We also benefit from working with experienced legal sector people we have selected who have the complementary skill sets we need to enhance the service we provide to you.

Meet the Team

Stability, insight and a lot of enthusiasm make up our team of form specialists. If you’d like an informal chat on your requirements we can bring over 152 years experience to the table!


Prior to setting up SDLT.co.uk Archie had been involved in the development and implementation of legal case management software. Archie is Managing Director as well as Heading up our Development team. His passion for forms is unsurpassed and hence we keep him away from people who have limited time to talk.


Paul has worked in the legal sector for over 32 years and within legal forms for over 10 years with both Laserform and Lexis Nexis. Prior to joining FormEvo he was Managing and Sales Director of Oyez Forms.


Gary has worked in legal forms for over 27 years. His previous role was as Team Leader for Support at Oyez Forms. Needless to say, Gary’s knowledge of the challenges people face using legal forms results in a regular flow of new development initiatives.


A Legal Forms expert with over 15 years of experience in Legal Forms software, having worked for Oyez Forms and Laserforms/ Laserforms Cloud (aka Advanced) . Dominic is somewhat of a legal form’s nerd, so when he joined FormEvo, he slotted straight in with the other nerds! He is responsible for the sales and account management within the Top 500 law firm community and has worked with a number of the Top 200 legal firms in the UK helping them to streamline their form completion process and automate document delivery. Dominic is driven to ensure clients requirements are met.


Christian is experienced in account management, business development and sales training. He has been providing solutions into the legal marketplace for over 20 years, initially assisting law firms in transitioning from physical libraries, first to CD-Rom and then onto web-based software, and then to specialising in Legal Forms solutions. Christian has previously worked for Oyez forms and Laserforms/ Laserforms Cloud (aka Advanced) He will always endeavour to assist customers are both satisfied and happy.


Oliver has 8 years’ experience in the legal marketplace having worked for Oyez and Laserforms (now known as Advanced). He was responsible for Digital Dictation and Legal Forms before moving to FormEvo having listened to the jungle drums as to what a great set of work colleagues they had at FormEvo


Training Manager who has trained Legal Tech to law firms over the years such as Weightmans and MSB – Ross aims to make sure that you get the most out of FormEvo.


25 years at Oyez forms in Editorial, add to the Forms update role where attention to detail and methodical working pays dividends.


Lead Developer with 16 years of working alongside Archie, part time initially and full time since 2008. Generic solutions away from a Microsoft offerings is a core objective in all we build.


Systems maintenance and building for secure optimal use of the technology landscape that the applications sit within, along with programming around the ‘supporting’ functions to the core Dev Team.


With extensive legal cashier and accounting experience, Carolyn provides our management account services. Should you have any financial enquiries including disbursement issues Carolyn is the point of contact.


Maxine has over 21 years’ experience of working at a senior level within the legal sector including leading UK and global law firms. She works alongside Paul and assists with the firms marketing and communications, ensuring that the correct messaging is used across the firm.


Still learning her profession of Events Management at Leeds Beckett and here to assist with the business promotion.


Personal Assistant to Archie helping organise Archie and the wider team from day to day with administrative tasks – and that’s no easy task! Fiona excels at ‘process and monitoring’ thank heavens for that.


Inhouse Porsche race car driver, adding a slice of excitement to the Legal Forms world, making sure the forms application, is both agile and fast in producing a Win for our clients.


A Wire Haired Hungarian Visila of a particularly large build who can on occasion assist with shredding paperwork by pinching rubbish out of the bin!

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